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The Forked Stick

Jun 23, 2015

Join hosts Jeff Stockton and John-Luke Edwards as they explore and reflect on the Shamanic/spiritual Adventure, this journey of companions who open hearted take risk with common accord to find through daring that way to some far off destination we call home.

Part of this show was recorded at the Hummingbird Shamanic Summit in Kettle Falls WA.

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Shenoah Taylor has been involved with shamanism since 1990 and has trained extensively with many inspirational teachers. When she started working with shamanism it was the next step on her own journey of self-discovery and healing.

Shamanism is the path of her heart and through it she has come to know her gifts and their place in the world. It has helped her to be in the world in a more present, fulfilled and focused way.

Within her work she offers many aspects of shamanism including shamanic healing, shamanic counseling, journeying skills, power and soul retrieval, extraction, death and life work (sometimes called psychopomp work), compassionate depossession, curse unraveling, blessings, journeys for others, distance work, ceremonies, groups, and Seidr (working with staff and song). She has a strong relationship with shamanic song, which she uses in much of her work. She also teaches basic and advanced workshops.

I am a member of the Core Shamanic Practitioner Circle and the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.


Kyle Bailey Kyle is a experiential Toltec Shaman, Shamanic Priest of the Egyptian mysteries, Reiki master, Alchemical healer, and metaphysical Hypnotherapist. Kyle has been practicing many various forms of Soul Retrieval for many years. For the most part he has always been a very experiential shaman. The vast majority of his shamanic instruction has been from Spiritual Elders, and Allies from the Spirit Realm. Kyle's father James was a mystic. James began to teach Kyle energy healing at age five. 

Kyle has learned from the teachings of the authors Carlos Castaneda, Ken Eagle Feather, and Victor Sanchez. Some of his other living teachers have been authors and wise women, Nicki Scully co-author of the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt and Alchemical Healing, Linda Star Wolf, co-author of the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt, also Normandi Ellis author of Imagining the World into Existence. Kyle lived in Nicki Scully's home when he trained with these three wise women.

Kyle also briefly studied with the dream shaman and author Robert Moss. Kyle is the founder of The Hummingbird Shamanic Summit, The Spokane Shamanic Summit, Spokane Shamanic Healing Circle, and co- founder of the group Source Centered Focus.


Amy Jo Ellis

“Today, someone asked me.. "How do you keep going?"

It isn't hard. I love what I do!

I love music, I love singing, and I love the listeners.