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The Circle of Great Mystery Podcast Network

Jun 24, 2016

Show 22 – Song the Reciprocal Surrender


In this show, Jeff Stockton, and

John-Luke Edwards are in conversation with Shenoah Taylor and they reflect on the power of The Song in Healing and Spiritual Practice.




Somewhere, somehow there is a great song.

For this to be true there must be a singer and a listener, without both, there can be no song. Our exploration with Shenoah is that the song is the energy of relationship. Music and Song are vibrations of the love of the divine moving through the cosmos. For spiritual traditions this movement manifested in sacred music demonstrated and manifested the love between the mundane and the spiritual, the soul and god


Shenoah Taylor has been involved with shamanism since 1990 and has trained extensively with a number of inspiring shamanic teachers including Jonathan Horwitz, Annette Host, Myron Eschowsky, Betsy Bergstrom and Sandra Ingerman. When she started working with shamanism, for her it was the next step on her own journey of self discovery and healing.

Shenoah says that shamanism is the path of her heart and through it she has come to know her gifts and their place in the world. It has helped her to be in the world in a more present, fulfilled and focussed way.

With the help of the spirits she now supports others to find their own way to empowerment, connection and healing.


Fifty voices. Twelve countries. One question.

A Film by Michael Stillwater

Produced by Michael Stillwater and Doris Laesser Stillwater

A Song Without Borders Production

From the Australian Outback to the San Juan Archipelago, from South India to the Swiss Alps, the question is asked of artists, scientists, and traditional elders: "What is the Great Song for you?" Infused with nature’s sounds and images together with music from around the world, fifty unique voices weave a timeless tapestry of embodied wisdom.

In spoken word, sound and music this documentary explores and celebrates the universal current pulsing through all life. The question asked of people from different cultures and traditions– faith leaders, artists, scientists, philosophers, indigenous elders and others: "What is the Great Song for you?"(April, 2016)

A Song Without Borders production, the film is part of an ongoing series co-produced by Michael Stillwater and Doris Laesser Stillwater. Their previous release, Shining Night: A Portrait of Composer Morten Lauridsen was deemed ‘a heartening rarity’ in Wall Street Journal and received four Best Documentary awards.

More on the film, In Search of the Great Song:

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