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The Forked Stick

Jul 1, 2018

Show 42 – Fight The Good Fight



In this show Jeff and John-Luke reflect in thoughtful and perhaps controversial conversation around who or what is the Healer/Warrior and our approach, as whatever definition we give ourselves, to the fractures, division, dis-eases and factions other than us.





“If our Love is wrong” sung by Callum Scott on his debut album ‘Only Human’ released on Capitol records. Callum say of the song, “I wrote for the album and was a turning point for me in my personal and professional life. It’s an empowering song and I hope it can inspire other people to feel proud of who they are too.”


“I did it for you” sung by Westlife on their fourth album ‘Turn Around’ released on S records and written by Diane Warren


“Nature Boy” is a song first recorded by American jazz singer Nat King Cole. It was released on March 29, 1948, as a single by Capitol Records, and later appeared on the album, The Nat King Cole Story. The song was written in 1947 by eden ahbez and is partly autobiographical. It is a tribute to ahbez's mentor Bill Pester, who had originally introduced him to Naturmensch and Lebensreform philosophies, which ahbez practised. When Cole was performing in 1947 at the Lincoln Theater, ahbez wanted to present the song to him, but was ignored. He left the copy with Cole's valet, and from him the singer came to know of "Nature Boy". After receiving appreciation for his performance of the song, Cole wanted to record it.

The recording took place on August 22, 1947, and featured an orchestra conducted by Frank De Vol—the in-house arranger of Capitol Records. He used strings and flute as instrumentation in the song, to capture the "enchanting" vibe of the track. The lyrics are a self-portrait of Ahbez and his life. 



“The Two Hunters” – If one of the traditional stories of the Sagh’ic cosmology and is used in the Marriage ritual between two men as well as in teachings about surrender.