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The Forked Stick

Feb 25, 2015

Forked Stick Show 6 -  'Ecstasy'


This month, hosts John-Luke Edwards and Jeff Stockton take the listener on a journey to consider what we mean or expect from ecstatic experience and its reality in the modern world.

We ask is the ecstatic experience an escape or a coming home?

With our guest we explore the notion that the ecstatic experience is a communal gathering not just of people, but of spirits and the notion that such is an internal and external soul conversation manifested in service.


Our guests are Ella Hope who is author of three 500-page textbooks on self-healing/shamanic practices with nature, including Healing Through Nature: A Self-Healing Practice and Reference Guide. Volume I and II.  Her subject-matter is drawn from 28 years on the shamanic path, marked by waves of initiatory experience, tempered by training with both indigenous and modern-style teachers.  Her formal education includes years of post-BA and graduate study, with inner-city social work in Miami, NYC., L.A. and Oakland, CA.  She is a classically-trained modern dancer/ Ritual Dance Artist at spirituality festivals; co-creator of shamanic photographic collections; and owner of the 3000 sq/ft Mother Earth Temple, one hour north of Seattle, WA.  She is a member of the SCGMSS and has presented at the last 3 Conferences.

You can learn more about Ella


And Guy Barrington who has been teaching and guyding transformational and Shamanic Dance processes for the last 15 years in UK, Holland, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic. He brings his Love of Life and passion for the Dance in an accessible way so all may be enriched by the experience of discovering a deeper sense of 'Home' within themselves.

Guy shares his wisdom and guydance gleaned from many years of experience with 1000’s of people from all over the Globe.  He has worked with Shamans from the Amazon. He has explored in the fields of Dance, Healing, Meditation, Tai Chi, Shamanism, Tantra, Conscious Parenting, Conscious Sexuality, Mediation, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building, empowering Holistic Education, Creative Expression and Heartfelt indepth Soul~Full intimate connectivity… 

He has a passion for bringing out the best of ourselves and our potential, and connecting and sharing from this rich place with others, to Be a nurturing contributing space for each other in our mutual evolution and expression in the celebration of Life.
film clips of Colibri Heart Journeys with live music (I will be working with recorded music at your Shamanic conference accompanied occasionally by my shamanic drum and rattles).

and you can learn more about Guy at