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The Forked Stick

Apr 22, 2015

Forked Stick show 8 – Prayer


Sometimes Prayer gets lost in petition.

In this show hosts Jeff & John-Luke explore a deeper sense of prayer as a conversation of heart and soul with the ancestral spirits and they with us.

In this reflective show, we ask if prayer is an action or a state of being, is it prescribed or a moment of expressive connection with the other?


Our guest Rob Murphy begins his exploration by asking the hosts to consider purification and purity. With this insight and with an element of quantum physics, together we understand prayer as an expression of change.

Annie Spencer & Christiana Harle call us to consider Prayer as a beseeching of the ancients.


Rob Murphy is a practicing shaman and has been initiated into the Quichuan Path of Light, the Green Path Medicine, and the Makunaiman traditions and in the tradition taught by the late Brazilian shaman, Ipupiara. He founded the Richmond Shamanic Meetup & Drum Circle. He gives workshops and classes in shamanism in Richmond, Virginia and NYC areas. He is a graduate of Dr Linda Backman’s Past Life Soul Regression & Between Life Soul Regression programs, and a member of the SCGMSS. He is an Initated Ceann-iuil, Licensed Aoghair and taking his Eldership Journey with the Sagh’ic Tradituon


Christiana Harle has been working with shamanism for 20 years in Finland. She worked with Tuvan shamans for two years, continued her late husband's research on Tuvan culture and shamanism which resulted in a film: In the Arms of Buddha and the Drum. She is an official shaman, red card holding member of Düngür the first Shaman Centre in Tuva. She has studied and worked with Heimo Lappalainen (decs.), Jonathan Horwitz, Annette Höst & Naomi Lewis. She is one of the original founders of the Shamanic Centre of Finland. She has been teaching shamanic healing, giving workshops on birthing shamanic drums, lecturing on Tuvan shamanism in Finland and abroad for years. She is an initiated Pathfinder of the WPT and an Elder of that same Tradition. She is a keeper of Bees, registered music therapist, soon-to-be breathwork therapist, gatherer of plants, mushrooms, berries and lives on a small farm with Honey Heikki, one of her sons.


Annie Spencer, a ceremonialist and workshop leader with an Oxford MA and a diploma in Humanistic Psychology, has been running groups and trainings for over 25 years including the Women's Mysteries courses. She has co-founded spiritual and healing initiatives within her community including Openings, the Bath based centre for therapies and group work; the Arcania programme (now The Sacred Trust); and her own Hartwell, centre for shamanic and ceremonial ways. She has been developing work with young people and co designs camps for teenagers with Circle of Life Rediscovery, bringing earth based spiritual traditions to the youth of today.


“Make me a channel of your” by Sinead O’Connor from The Diana Princess of Wales Tribute CD released through Amazon

“Grace” by James Taylor from ‘The Prayer Cycle’ released by Sony

“Song of The Ancestors”, “Sweet Mystery” and “AbhrannMathea” by Jeff Stockton (Sagh’ic Hymms)