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The Forked Stick

May 22, 2015

Show 9 – Live from the Tree & Star Gathering

7th Annual Residential Animist & Shamanic Gathering & Conference


The Tree and Star Gathering was a call to gather the community together in the impossible and improbable song of love, in which we could dream something more beautiful and wonderful than before.

To reach for the Divine we must first reach for each other.


This Gathering was one of reconciliation, a lessening, a reducing, a bridging or filling of the void between one to another, between humans and the Earth, between the mundane and the spirit worlds.

It included, Morning Meditations, Healing Circles, Shamanic Smything , Sacred Ceremonies and Teachings, Men’s & Women’s groups, an abundance of Singing & Dancing and a Shamans Market.


The Gathering was honoured to have teachers from Canada, US, UK & Europe – Including amongst many:

Robbie Holz, Kathleen Murray, Guy Barrington, Katalin Koda, Jeff Stockton, Christina Pratt, Dr John-Luke Edwards, Rosemary O’Toole, Rob Murphy, Dr Lauri Shainsky, Jane Struver, Monique Wilson, Kat Naslas, Nikiah Seeds


Our Show catches up with a few of the teachers and attendees to engage in their passion and enthusiasm;

Grant Guindon and a few of the men from the Men’s ceremony

Kat Naslas after her Firewalk

Kathleen Murray, Jane Struver, Jordan Farmer

The show hosts, Jeff Stockton & John-Luke Edwards explore the feel and passion of the event and recall their perspectives.

The songs on the show are those sung during the ceremonies.


Information on the gathering and on the teachers can be found at

And information on next years gathering can be found at