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The Forked Stick

May 29, 2017

Show 33 - Listen


In this show Jeff, and John-Luke on their return from the annual Retreat, reflect on being together as one song and listening as a spirit driven expression of communion.


It may be that in today’s modern world which is distracted from the mystic heart by the constant clamor of the mysterious world, rather than that inner flame of conviction and connection with the true realities that surround and call to us.


In this show we will hear the traditional story of ‘The Child and The Mountain’, which speaks to listening without expectation, which is as a prayer in itself, and hear Jeff singing poignant songs from this past Gathering.


Quynn Red Mountain is a shamanic practitioner, spiritual mentor and ceremonial artist. She is the ordained Animist Minister for Earth Web Media’s “Web of Life Church”. She is also the founder of “The Institute for the Shamanic Arts” (the spiritual education branch of EWM), and Producer of the “Earth Tribe Network”. Called to the shamanic path by a surreal experience in 1996, Quynn helps people heal their spirit, and hone their abilities. In every culture, throughout time, stressful situations have caused people to do things that they would not normally do, or otherwise choose to do, to survive. These choices become embedded in their DNA, and the remnants are passed down into our DNA, our memories, and behaviors. This behavior is often called “Passing”.

Quynn offered  “Communing with the Passed”, at the past Gathering, Communion,  a ceremonial circle which used shamanic journey, altar creation, and sharing of stories, to explore the ways in which we “pass”, and our family members have passed in the past. The purpose of this circle was to honor our ancestor’s choices, to commune with them in this safe time and place, in order to work together to be Warriors of Love more fully in our world today.





“Listen to the Wind” sung by Haley Westrenra from her album ‘Prayer’ and written by James Horner and is from the movie The New World


“Sikiliaza Kwa Wahenga” is the main theme to the movie ‘Get Out’ it translates from Swahili as “Listen to the Ancestors”. Sung by Michael Abels


“Listen Listen” and “Cup & Plate” by Jeff Stockton